Finding Peer-Reviewed (Scholarly) Journal Articles

Finding Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

To find peer-reviewed journal articles, you will want to use one of the Library’s subscription databases. Through these databases, you have access to a much greater range of credible, scholarly information than you would on your own, doing just a Google search. Databases let you search many journal titles at once.

Databases will often give you direct access to the full-text of articles. If you find a really great article through the databases that isn’t available immediately, you can request the article using our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services. You simply register for an account (if you haven’t done so already) and request the articles you need. The article will be delivered to you electronically, usually within 2-5 days. Many of our databases have links that make requesting non-full-text items almost automatic.

Suggested Databases:

You can access these databases on or off campus. If you’re off campus, you’ll need to log in with your last name and student ID number.

Academic Search Premier – collection of full-text from almost 4,000 scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals from many fields, including the sciences
BioOne – a small but high-quality collection of scholarly journals in the biosciences; mostly full-text
Environmental Studies and Policy Collection – collection of journals related to environmental issues and policies, including wildlife management
JSTOR – collection of full-text, scholarly journals from many fields, including the sciences

You can watch the three-part tutorial series on how to use Academic Search Premier in less than 10 minutes (or, just watch the part you need!), if you want a refresher.


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