Finding Specific Journals

Finding Specific Journals:

Are you looking for a specific journal title, like The Condor or the Journal of Wildlife Management?

The Library subscribes to both paper and online journals. A few titles we have both in paper and online.

To see if we have a journal you’re looking for, you can use the e-journal tool. On this page, click on any of the images to see a larger version.

First, from the library page, click on one of the links that reads, “e-journals” (you can find this link in either of the places shown in the image below):

e-Journal Portal location


This should take you to a screen where you can enter the title you are searching for. After entering the title, press the “Search” button:

search box to enter journal title

If we don’t have the journal online or in print, you will get a message that says something like, “no results found.” But, if we do have the journal online, you’ll see a results screen like the one below (for the journal Condor):

condor results

You’ll notice that this tool tells you what years we have online coverage for. This can be really important if you need articles from a certain date. Beside the date information, you’ll see links. This tells you what database we have access to the journal title through. Just click on that link to go to the journal content.

You’ll also notice in the image above that beneath the second Condor entry, the text reads, “in Local Print Holdings.” If you see that phrase, that means we also have the journal in our print collection in the Library and you can click on that link to see more information about our print holdings. Print journals (which can also be searched for in the library catalog) are shelved on the first floor of the Library, alphabetically by journal title. Ask at the reference desk if you need help finding them.

That “Look up Article” link showing with the results is helpful if you already have a specific article you are looking for. It’s not so great for general subject searches. If you aren’t looking for a specific article, just keep going into the database, where you can usually search within that specific publication.


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