Searching within a Specific e-Journal

Once you’ve found the specific journal title you’re looking for (see directions for doing that), you can either browse or search the journal for articles relating to your topic. If you already have a topic, searching is probably going to be the most effective strategy. Browsing is a good strategy if you haven’t settled on a topic yet and want to get ideas.

With e-journals, it’s relatively simple to search within a specific title, rather than searching in a whole lot of titles at once, like you might in a general database search.

When you looked up your journal title, the results screen looked something like this:

condor results

Next to the date range, you see the links that say things like “BioOne.1” or “Freely Accessible Journals.” These are the database names where the journal content is accessible. When you click on one of those, it’s going to take you to the journal content. Let’s use the example above and say you clicked on the BioOne.1 link to get to the most recent content for The Condor. When you click on that link, this is what you’re going to see:

BioOne results screen

BioOne shows you the list of The Condor issues available to you online. If you clicked on the issue date, you would go to that journal. But, how would you search within this journal, if you’d already chosen your topic and didn’t want to browse random issues?

Click on the tiny “Advanced Search” link shown on the top right side of the screen (red arrow pointing to it in image below):

advanced search link at top right of screen

Then, you’ll see this screen, with the advanced search form on the left side of the screen:

advanced search screen

Put your topic in the “Full Text” search box. Use the list of journal titles to select the specific journal you want to search in (in this example, The Condor). You can also use the date range to limit results to a specific date. Finally, click the “Submit” button to perform the search.

Different databases have different specific title search mechanisms. BioOne’s is one of the less intuitive ones. If your journal is found in Academic Search Premier, for example, there is a simple “Search within this publication” link:

search within this publication link


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