Find Government Information

Government websites provide useful information on demographics (statistics about people), policies, laws, education, health, business, and much more. There is a wide range of high-quality, credible data available from various government agencies on the web, free of charge.

The Barber Library is a Federal Depository Library, meaning we are an official library for holding and making accessible government publications. This used to mean that we got boxes and boxes of paper documents from the GPO (Government Printing Office), but these days, most of the government information is online.

For a list of government websites by subject, check out our Government Information page (located on our website under “Research Tools” on the left menu). You’ll also find links to government information on our “Resources by Subject” pages.

You can also start with, a search engine specifically for US Government websites.

Examples of excellent government resources for a couple of the sample topics for your WR 227 paper are the Small Business Administration website, where you can learn all about planning for, funding, starting, managing and growing a small business, and the Federal Student Aid website, where you can find tons of information about getting financial aid for college.


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