Citations – WR 60

For help with MLA-style citations, click on the “Help Citing Sources” link under the “Find” menu on the Library’s home page:


On this page, you’ll find links to handy references on how to cite in MLA-style (the Purdue OWL, for example, gives good directions on how to cite dictionary entries), plus some tools that will actually help you build MLA-style citations. These “citation builders” ask you for all the information about your source – the author, title, publication date, etc. – and then format it for you. Still, you should always double-check automatically-generated citations for correctness.

If you used a resource like Credo in your research, there’s a chance the system will provide a citation for you. Here’s an example of a MLA-formatted citation from Credo:


However, always double check! Credo, for example, often leaves the encyclopedia article author’s name off of the citation. You need to double check and add any missing elements or correct any mistakes before turning your paper in!


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