Dictionaries – WR 60

You can find online dictionaries at the Library’s website by clicking on the “Encyclopedias and More” icon.

Academic Encyclopedias - COCC Barber Library

First, notice the link labeled “Dictionaries & Thesauri.” This will take you a page where you will find links to several online dictionaries.


On the Dictionaries page, you’ll find a link to the Oxford English Dictionary. The Oxford English Dictionary (often just called the OED) is the definitive dictionary of the English language. It is a continuous work in progress, since the English language itself is always changing. The online version is updated every 3 months with new words. Besides the definition of a word, the OED tells you the word’s history, how old it is, and gives you several examples of the word in use. You should use the OED at least once in your life!


You can also find dictionaries in one of our online reference collections. On the Encyclopedias page, click on the link for Encyclopedias.


Then, select the link for Credo Reference, at the top of the page.


When Credo Reference opens, select the link for Dictionaries on the main page.


When the list of dictionaries opens, scroll to the section of “English” dictionaries. These are the same dictionaries you’d find on the shelves of the Library, just in online format. Click on the link to search within one of these dictionaries.





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