To find a book on your topic, you’ll use the COCC Library Catalog. To get to the catalog, go the Library’s website and click on the “Books & More” icon. What’s the “& More” that you might find? Well, the Library catalog will also help you find DVDs, e-books, and online streaming videos.

Library Catalogs icon

Once in the catalog, you can search by keyword (the most important words in your topic), author, or title.

When you locate a book or DVD in the catalog, you will see a location and a call number (outlined in red in image below). That tells you exactly where in the Library you can find the item. Or, if the item is available online, the catalog will say “Electronic Resource” or “Internet File.” That means you can read that book or watch that video from anywhere you have an Internet connection, anytime.

If you have trouble actually locating a book on the shelves in the Library, you can always ask library staff to help you.

call number and location on catalog screen

What if COCC doesn’t have the book I’m looking for?

The COCC Library shares a system with Oregon State University, so you can also check OSU’s Library Catalog. If they have the book you want, you can request it and have it sent to the Bend or Redmond campus. If OSU doesn’t have it, you can try the Summit catalog. The Summit catalog searches 37 academic libraries in the Pacific Northwest. If one of those schools has your item, you can request it and have it delivered to COCC for you.

It usually takes requested items between 2 and 5 business days to arrive, depending on where they’re coming from, so think about that when deciding whether or not to request a book.

For more about using the library catalogs, you can view our brief video tutorial.


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